New project!!!

February 2, 2013
Okay with me being in school and all, and also trying to get into the Air Force, I have been trying to find a way to incorporate Military with civilian clothing and well, I stumble upon the Para-cord Bracelets, so now I am making them. But they are only for friends and friends of friends. So anyway I am still learning how to make all of the patterns that there are for it. I will be posting up Pictures so you guys can see what all it is that I make with the para-cord (=^w^=)


August 11, 2012
Okay, so with me doing this I hope to keep this website up to date as much as possible lol
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Woot, Finally got a blog ^_^

August 11, 2012
Ok so today on Aug 11, 2012, I decided to finally make a blog, so that my fans can come here and check out all the stuff that I do ^_^
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About Me

Just a simple person trying to make a living lol.

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